protein purification, peptide purification, desalting, pre-concentration, LC MS, sample preparation

Frequently asked questions

Q: Which StageTip should I choose?

The wide range of StageTips available enables you to select according to the type of purification required and the amount of sample to be purified. Approximate loading capacities are specified for each product.

StageTips using GE Loader pipette tips are ideal for depositing cleaned sample directly into the emitter with minimal sample loss when performing off-line nano ES MS.

Q: What are StageTips?

StageTips are disposable polypropylene pipette tips containing a microcolumn insert with densely packed particles of chromatography material.

Each pack of StageTips is supplied with a 2.5 mL Eppendorf Combitip to facilitate loading, elution and washing of the microcolumn. Instructions for Use are supplied and can also be downloaded below. (Instructions cover the use of C8, C18 and SCX chromatographic material when preparing samples for nanoelectrospray, LC MS and MALDI MS.)

Download instructions for use

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StageTips Instructions for Use Jan 2011 (304.1 kB)
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