nano UHPLC nanoLC uHPLC LCMS EASY-nLC 1000  ultra high pressure chromatography

EASY-nLC 1000 is discontinued.

The EASY-nLC 1000 system is discontinued as of September 28th 2015.

We are pleased to offer the EASY-nLC 1200 system as an immediate upgrade and replacement. Providing market-leading performance, the EASY-nLC 1200 system integrates seamlessly with all Thermo Scientific nano-ESI sources and MS families.
The ultra high pressure operation of the EASY-nLC 1200 enables effortless extraction of the maximum amount of information from experiments together with integrated columns of up to 75 cm.

Service, spare parts and consumables for the EASY-nLC II system are still available through the normal channels. Please contact your local representative to discuss your system requirements.

Hear how advancements in Nano LC systems meet the needs of proteomics researchers  and have a positive business impact in the lab.

Nano LC Accuracy for Proteomics Applications - Presenters from Thermo Fisher Scientific and Eksigent

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Open Web Seminar
Implementing on-line nano-UHPLC technology for improved productivity in proteomics applications (209.7 kB)
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Read how EASY-nLC 1000 increased productivity at the University of Southern Denmark (215.9 kB)
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