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Simple, flexible ion generation in electrospray mass spectrometry

Thermo Scientific Nanospray Flex Ion Source

Developed from the knowledge and experience gained from over 800 ion sources in use worldwide, the Nanospray Flex Ion Source efficiently evaporates and ionizes samples and maintains spray stability to ensure excellent high resolution results at nanoscale flow rates.

  • Single set-up for all online nanoflow applications
  • Easily interfaced with online nanoscale LC separation techniques
  • Switched in seconds to offline borosilicate emitters in a classical nano ES workflow
  • Compatible with the following Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers:

    LTQ™ Series: LTQ, Orbitrap™, FT™, Velos™


    TSQ™ Series: Quantum™, Quantum Access™, Quantum Discovery MAX™, Quantum Ultra™, Vantage™

    LCQ™ Deca XP MAX

  • Sturdy, precise X-Y-Z manipulator

  • Sliding rails enable quick retraction of the emitter

  • Easy access to knobs and emitter/column adaptors

  • Includes DirectJunction for total flexibility in online setups

  • Complete monitor system with integrated light source to visualize the emitter

Ion Source with Monitor
Ion Source with Monitor

More about DirectJunction

  • Single set-up for all online nanoflow applications
  • Excellent spray stability with HV connections to stainless steel and glass emitters
  • Simple, flexible design optimized for easy handling and perfect, zero-dead volume (ZDV) connections