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Work online or offline using high quality emitters

"I'm very impressed. Previously we were using emitters from another manufacturer but after a trial of the Proxeon emitter I am now a committed user. The only problem for Proxeon is that they appear so robust I don't know when I will ever have to order another box!"
Rohan Steel, St Vincent's Institute of Medical Research, Victoria, Australia

In nano electrospray MS, optimal performance generally requires flow rates from 10 nL/min to 500nL/min. The very narrow orifices of these emitters (1 - 30 µm) ensure that such low flow rates can be achieved.
Emitters together with the Thermo Scientific Nanospray Flex Ion Source enable use of the lowest possible flow rate, thereby conserving sample while still obtaining a strong signal. Their design takes advantage of the fact that the signal intensity observed in ES-MS is concentration dependent and not a function of total sample consumption.

Working online or offline?

For busy laboratories analyzing large numbers of samples, online nano electrospray analysis, using stainless steel emitters, is the first choice, facilitating automation and ensuring a higher throughput.

Offline analysis has several advantages when needing to extract the maximum information from very limited amounts of sample. Data can be averaged extensively to improve the S/N-ratio and conditions optimized for MS/MS experiments. Other technical advantages include:

  • Work at low flow rates of 10-40 nL/min.
  • Utilize nearly 100 % of sample
  • Work effectively with sample volumes down to 300 nL.
  • Minimize instrument contamination.
  • Avoid cross contamination by using disposable emitters
  • Spray from purely aqueous as well as purely organic solvents
  • Work with stable sprays over a wide pH range and in high buffer concentrations